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Q: How long do trips last?

A: James will typically meet you around 7:30 in the morning at whatever lake James determines is most likely to produce fish that day.  You will most likely fish until sometime between 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM, depending on the bite.  Most trips end between 1:00 and 1:30.

Q: Where will we fish?

A: James fishes Lake Panasoffkee and Lake Rousseau.  However, at certain times of the year Lake Rousseau and other lakes around the Villages/Inverness area might be selected if they are more likely to produce fish. James will let you know where he'll meet you and provide directions, if needed.   

Q: What is the cost?

A: James is one of the lowest-priced guides in the Florida. He tries to keep his costs down to allow more people to experience the thrill of landing the fish of a lifetime.  The total price is $400.  And if you have a good day, tips are appreciated.  

Q: How many people can come?

A: Two clients and the guide.

Q: I'm inexperienced.  Is that a problem?

A: Not at all.  James has fished with world-class, award winning bass fishermen as well as people who are just getting started.  James will help you as much, or as little, as you need.  

Q: What Should I Bring?

A: Bring weather-appropriate clothing, sunscreen, water and any food/snacks and medication you might want to have on the duration of the trip. James will provide all of your tackle and bait.  

Q: What do we do on the trip?

A: Unlike other guides that charge for the guided trip and then charge an additional $30 to $50 per dozen for wild shiners, James will typically start out the day by taking you to one or two of his favorite spots to catch a few dozen wild shiners. This usually takes around 40 minutes. While this portion of the day takes time, it will potentially save you several hundred dollars buy not having to buy shiners. Then you will head to whatever part of the lake the fish are biting.  Unless you request to fish with artificial lures, you will  be fishing with wild shiners--sometimes under a bobber, sometimes freelining.   

Q: I have physical limitations.  Can I still do this?

A: Absolutely.  You will have to be able to get to the dock and into the boat and hold onto and crank a fishing pole.  Once in the boat you will have the option of fishing either standing or seated.  If you have specific concerns, let James know ahead of time.  

Q: I would like to take someone with special needs fishing.  Is this possible?

A: Absolutely.  James has guided many individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities. He is patient and will do whatever is necessary to make sure these individuals' needs are met and they have a good day on the water.  

Q: Will the boat sparkle and smell like Fabreeze?

A: No it will not.  James has a saying...  "You can either spend your time fishing or spend time cleaning the boat.  I spend my time fishing."

If you have any other questions, or to schedule, give James a call at 352-364-7171.

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